First Responder Plate Carrier ATPC - Standard KDHS Magnum TAC-II Plate Carrier
The First Responder Plate carrier is designed to provide hard armor protection to an officer responding to "active shooter" scenes or assisting in high-risk warrant duties. One of the most advanced, feature-packed plate carriers on the market today. KDH Defense Systems has combined years of combat technical data to create a solution to the requirements that have been presented by the Department of Defense. The KDHS is a superbly simple vest for the officer that has learned to depend more on himself than his back up officers. The Magnum TAC-II (MTAC-II) provides the LE officer with enhancements to a lighter weight system, higher ballistic performance options, greater mobility and simplicity in fit, form & function.
The ATPC-SPEAR system is the culmination of 4 years of research and development with the US Air Force – Special Operations Command. The ballistic shape used in the ATPC-SPEAR is based on the US Special Operations SPEAR shaped ballistic panels. Originally designed to meet the requirements of the U.S. Navy's VBSS teams, this body armor is an advanced assault style, side-opening outer carrier vest system primarily for use in maritime / littoral environments.