Transformer Armor System

The Industry's First Modular, Scalable Concealable Armor System

A Whole New Way To Wear And Care For Your Concealable Armor!

By providing the industry's first modular, scalable platform that offers comfort, performance, and unprecedented system flexibility, the Transformer Armor System revolutionizes the way traditional concealable armor is used, worn, and cared for by law enforcement professionals.

Unlike any other concealable carrier system on the market today, the core of the Transformer Armor System is an internal speed plate carrier strapping system that connects directly to the ballistic inserts. The system provides a vast range of adjustability for comfort, snugging the vest close to the body so that it fits like a glove.

The Transformer Armor System carrier sleeves (outer carriers) provide quick, effortless removal for laundering and replacement with a spare carrier sleeve, or removal for rapid conversion to a mission specific overt carrier.

Rapidly Converts To Adapt To Mission Specific Requirements With Minimal Effort For Covert Or Special Detail Enforcement Operations


Internal Speed Plate Carrier Strapping System

The core of the Transformer Armor System consists of an Internal Speed Plate Carrier Strapping System that is attached directly to the ballistic inserts. With the suspension system integrated in this unique way, the same plate and suspension system can be used with concealable or overt Transformer carrier sleeves. This allows for lower costs of replacement carrier sleeves, better conformity of the ballistic insert to the body, enhanced ease of care and maintenance, and eliminates the use of traditional hook and loop that is typically caught in other garments during laundering. Plus, there's no need to remove the ballistic panels, or re-adjust the vest each time it's washed.

Super Covert Speed Plate Carrier

The core of the KDH Transformer Armor System is its internal speed plate carrier/strapping system that connects directly to the ballistic inserts. Used alone, the harness can be used as an Ultra Covert Speed Plate Carrier.


Featuring elasticized Lycra® Carrier Sleeves (outer carriers) to provide a quick and efficient means of changing for laundering or switching to a Mission Specific Carrier Sleeve.

Basic Transformer Carrier Sleeve

Low-cost, Lycra® carrier sleeve provides a clean and comfortable garment.

Transformer-S Carrier Sleeve

This is a true, high-performance piece of apparel featuring the most advanced wicking, antimicrobial textiles on the body side of the sleeve. The outer shell features the same compression nylon Lycra® found in competitive cycling garments. The strategically placed 3-D spacer improves comfort while enhancing evaporative cooling.

Ideal For Drug And Gang Task Forces Along With Boat Patrol Units That Require Modularity In Their Armor Incorporates next generation fabrics and technologies – the
most advanced wicking and adaptive textiles that enhance evapora-
tive cooling when hot and reduce condensation when cold.

Fully-adjustable, providing a vast range of adjustment for comfort, while contouring the vest to conform to your body, the system accepts all KDH NIJ .06 Certified ballistic packages.

Elasticized Lycra® outer carrier sleeves provide quick, efficient change for laundering or converting to Transformer mission specific outer carriers.

Next Generation Body Armor, powered by nGuard® – the only multi-functional defense and resistance to odor and pathogen causing microbes, fungi, mosquitos, bed-bugs, and color fading.

Transformer Concealable Carrier Sleeves are available in black, navy blue and white.
Optional Mission Specific Transformer Carrier Sleeves are available in black, navy blue, tan and ranger green.


Featuring body-side 3D Spacer mesh to improve comfort and aide with evaporative cooling.

Transformer Uniform Carrier

An overt style uniform shirt carrier, featuring microphone tabs on both shoulders and multi-function chest pockets.

Transformer Overt Carrier with Pockets

Allows you to rapidly convert your Transformer concealable sleeve to an overt outer carrier featuring an assortment of fixed pockets, ID options, mike tabs and badge holders.

Transformer Overt MOLLE Carrier

Allows you to rapidly convert your KDH Transformer Armor System to a modular overt system, featuring a large ID option, microphone tab and badge holder.

KDH Transformer Armor System Overview

KDH Transformer Armor System Assembly Instructions