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Law Enforcement

At KDH Defense Systems, the only line we blur is the one between form and function. Our law enforcement concealable and tactical carrier designs bridge the gap between comfort and performance because our customers wouldn’t have it any other way. Genuine innovation that raises the bar of performance so that law enforcement officers can do the same. We’ve also incorporated military technologies in our law enforcement tactical vests to create versatile solutions for every tactical operator, matching ballistic protection with performance used by some of the world’s most elite warfighters.



KDH Defense Systems' military body armor is designed in collaboration with elite fighting units, taking performance, function and fit to an entirely new level. KDH is the proud manufacturer of the U.S. Army's IOTV and Soldier Plate Carrier System and the U.S. Marine Corps' IMTV, all currently in theater throughout the world. KDH remains steadfast in its commitment to provide America’s service men and women with the very best in life-saving ballistic protection while simultaneously allowing for comfort, mobility, functionality and operational performance.